AquaTru Reverse Osmosis

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The AquaTru Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Appliance is the ultimate in residential point-of-use water filtration. This revolutionary countertop design will deliver nearly 3 liters of highly purified water every 12-15 minutes. AquaTru was designed to remove the 74 contaminants regulated by the EPA, providing safe affordable drinking water for the whole family (see partial list below)

  • No Plumbing or Installation Required

Ready to use in just minutes

  • Sleek, Elegant Design

      Fits easily on any kitchen counter

  • Automatic Operation

       Fill reservoir with tap water and walk away

  • Fast and Easy

       2-3 Litres of pure water ready in 12-15 minutes

  • State of The Art RO Water Conservation

        Breakthrough recirculation technology

        creates only 1/3 discard water

  • Long Lasting Filters

       Digital display alerts you when it’s time to replace filters

  • Patented & Certified to NSF Standard


“The AquaTru® drinking water appliance is the culmination of excellence in performance and design. It’s the only water purifier I recommend for health compromised individuals.”

Robert Slovak,

The Father of Reverse Osmosis Purification


Partial List of toxic contaminants commonly found in tap water:

Lead, Chlorine, Arsenic, Chromium 6, Fluoride, Herbicides, pesticides, Disinfection Byproducts, Rocket & Jet Fuel, Prescription Drug Residue, Plastic Particles, VOCs

AquaTru Test Results (PDF)(150KB)

AquaTru Owner Manual (PDF)(2MB)

AquaTru Slideshow (PDF)(27MB)

Article: Dirty drinking water could ‘destroy New Zealand’s tourism industry’


In stock



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