The Medicine of Light (Hardcover)

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If you’re interested in learning about an innovative cancer treatment that blends ancient healing principles with newly emerging science and pioneering technology, The Medicine of Light is for you. The book’s central premise is that light has astounding curative and health-promoting properties. Although we humans have known about light’s healing power for thousands of years, it’s only within the past few decades that we’ve developed highly effective light-based therapies that can support the body’s ability to target cancer and other diseases, while also helping us to restore and sustain good health. Light, by itself, is not the answer. The secret lies in knowing how to harness the power of light with the help of the plant world. The Medicine of Light reveals how the light-sensitizing effects of various natural compounds—such as those derived from the chlorophyll found in green plants—can be used to treat cancer, heart disease and many infectious diseases.

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